The classic flavours of spanish cuisine here for you to enjoy

productos frescos

High-quality ingredients straight from the local market to your table.

plato receta tradicional

Traditional recipes from the Basque Country and Catalonia.

restaurante bilbao detalle interior atención

And the kind of service that makes you feel like you’ve just arrived home.

Do you know what you feel like having today?

Have you ever dined at one of the local taverns in a small spanish village?

Cuisine with a traditional character for true food lovers

The traditional recipes served from our kitchen fill the restaurant with smells that whet the appetite.

The flavour of our dishes is intense and harkens back to classic Spanish fare but with the special touch of a fine chef, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

When you step inside, a waiter, who almost seems to know you, guides you to our table as if you were an old friend.

And from that moment you know you’re in good hands.


At the Bilbao Restaurant we want to bring you back to that other time.


Comida de muy buena calidad en buen ambiente

Fui a comer recientemente con mi pareja. El restaurante estaba lleno, muy buen ambiente familiar, y la comida de alto nivel. Los mariscos todo frescos. Buena oferta de vinos tambien.


Cena para repetir

Fui invitado por unos colaboradores del trabajo que insistieron en que fuéramos a degustar la auténtica cocina tradicional con materia prima de calidad. Personal muy atento. Para repetir.

Gran Canaria, España

Grata sorpresa

En una ciudad que se está llenando de locales sin personalidad destinados al turismo extranjero es una sorpresa encontrar aún restaurantes como éste.

León, España

Are you looking for a restaurant where you know you can enjoy a good meal in Barcelona?