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Bilbao Restaurant


63 years, 3 generations, 1 family

Keeping the tradition alive

Can you imagine how many different people have come to dine at the Bilbao Restaurant in all these years?

plato con carne
  • To try the delicious seasonal Morel mushrooms,
  • to give into the flavour of a perfectly cooked oxtail for the umpteenth time,
  • to enjoy an after-dinner conversation in good company.

But, above all, just to feel at home..

Would you let all of that history be forgotten, letting the fires of this kitchen go out?

We won’t.

The Miguelitos family’s commitment to the New Bilbao

If there is something we’ve learned from all our experiences over the last 45 years in hospitality it’s that we must preserve the tradition of cooking with local ingredients in Barcelona.

Traditional dishes.

Which is why, when we heard that the Bilbao Restaurant was about to be shut down we couldn’t sit idly by:

We needed to keep their kitchen, tradition and history alive.

And, as a result, become a part of it:

  • Like all those before us who were able to share the flavours, laughter and intimate moments at one of their tables.
  • Like the chefs, maître d’s and waiters that knew how to earn their customers’ trust throughout the years.

Like you, when you take the time to come and enjoy one of our dishes.

vitrina con pescados frescos

Would you like to come and rediscover bilbao’s cuisine?